Nebraska Trip: Who is going? Time for a Roll Call

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Alrighty everyone. We are two weeks away from our roadie to Nebraska. I thought I would start a thread to see who in our community is going, and if any of you have any big plans. Just to get excited for a great trip to Lincoln. To get it started, here are my plans, which I actually posted in another post a few weeks ago. However, now that the trip is upon is time to take roll and see who in BN making this trip. Here it is for me and 5 of my closest men friends. Our wives and us have dubbed this, MAN TRIP 2013. It is an annual trip for all of of the wives of course.

FRIDAY MORNING: Taking a Red Eye Flight to Omaha (12:50am) from LAX. Arriving in Omaha on Friday morning (via Minneapolis) at 8:30am. Gonna hang out in Omaha and check out the stadium that our Bruins won Championship #109 at. Gonna be a fun day in Omaha. Go to Lincoln sometime in the late afternoon. Hang out in Lincoln and get a big old steak at some incredible steakhouse that a good buddy (who just happens to be a Nebraska Alum) told us we had to go to. Of course, we will be enjoying some adult beverages.

SATURDAY: GAME DAY IN LINCOLN......or should I say, GAME MORNING? Ouch, an early start. We are gonna get to the game early and enjoy time with the Nebraska tailgaters. I heard they are cool and we are being treated to some good stuff from my Nebraska bud. After the game, bask in the glory of a Bruin win. Then, head off for the 170 mile trip to Kansas City. Once in KC, hang out in Downtown and have a good time. I am almost 50 now, so having a good time isn't at the same places it used to be.....but trust me it will be fun. The barbeque and adult beverages will be off the charts!

SUNDAY: I am not afraid to admit it.....but I am a long-suffering KC Chiefs fan. Well, I am crossing something off the bucket list on this day. Going to Arrowhead Stadium for the first time to watch my Chiefs battle the Dallas Cowboys! Damn, I can't wait. Gonna be a blast. Tailgating with the best NFL tailgaters in the country. Yes, I am biased. Flight home and arrive in LAX at 8:00pm.

That is my trip. Tell me yours.....or just raise your hand while we take roll call and let us know you will be in Nebraska. As I tell all my classes. Don't be a smart ass when saying "HERE".

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