Game Four (Utah): An Inflection Point for Bruins

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Bumped. BN Eds. - GO BRUINS.

Either we are poseurs or we're destined for posterity.

On several occasions over the past two decades, when the Bruins won their first three games, including a victory over a big name, they rose in the rankings, puffed out their chests, and then got spanked by an opponent they "should have taken more seriously":

  • 2012: started 3-0 (including win over Nebraska) and then lost to Oregon State
  • 2009: started 3-0 (including win over Tennessee) and then lost to Stanford
  • 2000: started 3-0 (including win over Michigan) and then lost to Oregon
  • 1992: started 3-0 (including win over BYU) and then lost to Arizona

On the positive side, our Bruins did win more than three straight on three occasions:

  • 2005's fool's gold: We won on miracles and hit ten straight victories before Arizona exposed us, 52-14.
  • 2001's joy ride: We reached a top three ranking before Heisman candidate Deshaun Foster took a ride in a hotwheel and Cory Paus took rides under the influence, precipitating an epic collapse.
  • 1998's high-octane, all-offense, no-defense extravaganza: Melsby's knee hit the turf, maybe, Edgerrin James ran us out of the national title game, and Ron Dayne ran all over us.

Those three seasons were among the most memorable for their ascents, and among the most painful for their descents.

So our players will either come into Utah with enormous heads destined to be popped, or steamroll the Utes and fly through the season on wings of triumph. If the latter, they are destined to either grab the championship or plummet to earth under the national spotlight. Get past Utah, and we'll be in for one of the Bruins' most memorable rides of all time.

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