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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Final NMSU Thoughts, Bruin Bash, and Fauria Dances

A wrap up of NMSU, Bruin Bash and Joe Fauria dances his way into America's hearts.

For you, Paq.
For you, Paq.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

A few final thoughts after the NMSU victory:

Did you see the Den's sign thanking Nebraska?

At future tailgates, look for this flag:

The nice thing about blowouts, even sloppy ones, is that almost everyone gets a chance to play:

But the players know they need to improve.  Also good to see Malcolm Jones tweeting again:

I admit, I laughed a bit at this, but I hope King Davis is better:

We may have a new photobomber in our midst.  Jerry Neuheisel, you're on alert.

BruinBash was on Sunday, welcoming students back to campus, and guess who was on stage, leading the 8-Clap?

We better see ALL OF YOU at the Rose Bowl!

Apparently Bruin Bash was a lot of fun:

While Myles Jack encountered a different type of Bruin Bash:

Joe Fauria was dancing in the end zone again on Sunday, and this time he picked NSYNC.  It was even noticed by a member of NSYNC:


Go Bruins.