Vote for Coach Mora for Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year

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This year Coach Mora has demonstrated incredible leadership both on and off the field. He has demonstrated that he cares primarily about players and their families. He wants them to succeed in life and puts what is good for them ahead of what might help him get a little more edge in a game. Players with serious physical issues have been cared for and supported in choosing to not continue in football when that is best for them. Players have learned to work together and to support each other. Players are learning how to walk through tragedy, with the guidance of their coach. And players are experiencing success both on and off the field.

Coach Mora has demonstrated his commitment to the values we cherish at UCLA and, with his wife Shannon, has rallied the UCLA community and the football community to care for children in need with the Jim Mora Count on Me Foundation. I know we have been moved by the strength, care, and wisdom he is showing through the loss of Nick Pasquale. Some of us believe with gbruin, that Coach Mora lead the team through the best win in UCLA football history when he took a team to Nebraska and lead them through incredible difficulties on and off the field.

This video with Jim Mora shows what I am having difficulty saying:

Coach Mora has a strong heart, a strong mind, is incredibly committed, and is succeeding at building a football program at UCLA that we can all feel proud of.

I encourage everyone in this community and others to show our thanks to Coach Mora by voting for him for Coach of the Year.

The Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award recognizes college football coaches who demonstrate Responsibility, Integrity, Sportsmanship andExcellence both on and off the field. Endorsed by the College Football Hall of Fame and now in its eighth year, the program awards one winning coach from each NCAA division (I-FBS, I-FCS, II, and III) with $50,000 to donate to a charity of their choice, a $20,000 grant to each school's alumni association, and the Coach of the Year trophy.

You can vote here each day. Just type his name in and pass the word.

Go Bruins!

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