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BN College Football Saturday: TV Schedules, Game Times, Morning Thread

Our Bruins Nation Saturday College Football open thread for the first half of the day.

Yay football!
Yay football!
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Good morning, Bruins Nation!  I hope the weekend is off to a great start for everyone and we're ready for another Saturday full of college football.  Let's face it, life is a bit less intense when the Bruins have a bye, so today is one of those rare fall Saturdays where we can relax and channel surf and just enjoy the games without trying to keep the focus on our own game.

We'll start off the day here, and about 3:30 we'll put another open thread for the evening games.  Most of the Pac-12 games will be on that evening open thread, but the Colorado and Oregon State contest will get going in the first half of the day.  Beyond that, there are a few games of national interest going on, too, so let's take a look at the schedule 0f some of the bigger matchups.  All times below are Pacific.

Oklahoma State (11) at West Virginia  - 9am, ESPN What conference is West Virginia in?  That's right , the Big 12.  Which still seems so wrong.  So that makes this a conference matchup, and a key early game for Ok St, who sits a couple spots ahead of our Bruins.  Making the trip to the east coast is always an extra challenge for teams west of the Mississippi, but the Cowboys' offense should put up more than enough points against a Mountaineers team that was shut out last week.

USC (12) vs UCF -  9am, ABC This is another game for those of you watching the polls as the real USC sits just ahead of our Bruins at #12.   UCF is off to a 3-0 start and their house is sold out as the welcome one of the powerhouses of the SEC.  The Gamecocks already have a loss to Georgia on their record, so they can't aford another slip if they hope to get the automatic (allegedly) SEC winner's berth to the National title game

Miami (15) at USF - 9am, ESPNU There's going to be a lot of football in Florida this morning, but none should bring the hate the way this game should.  That will make it fun for the rest of us to watch, though that's probably the best we can hope for as Miami is undefeated and USF is winless and has lost 12 of its last 13.  Miami...f***.  Sigh.  Melsby was so down.

Colorado at Oregon State - Noon, Pac-12 Ok, show of hands.  Who had Colorado being undefeated this far into the season.  Who else had Oregon State losing its opener to Eastern Washington?  If your hand is still up, either you are lying or I'm taking you to Vegas.  CU is certainly better than last year's dismal team, but Oregon has bounced back from that opener to win its next 3, though with a couple nailbiters.  This one should be more relaxing for the Beavers.

LSU (6) at No. 9 Georgia (9) - 12:30p CBS Georgia has played a decidedly un-SEClike schedule thus far, as LSU will be their third top-10 opponent of the year.  They have already spent their allotted loss against Clemson, so they can't afford another slip if they hope to get the automatic (allegedly) SEC winner's berth to the National title game.  LSU remains undefeated so they can still afford one loss and get the automatic (allegedly) SEC winner's berth to the National title game.  In an interesting twist, the Tigers' starting QB began his college career at Georgia before being dismissed for conduct issues.  He now faces his former school in the biggest matchup of the day.

Oklahoma (14) at Notre Dame (22) - 12:30p ABC In the other marquee game of the day...oh wait, there's a pass interference flag that benefits ND...the undefeated Sooners will have to...oops, sorry, another PI flag favoring some tight defense and hope its offense remains as prod...excuse me, one more PI call that favors the Irish...uctive as it has started out.   Did I mention this game is in South Bend?

Buffalo at Connecticut - 12:30 ESPN3 No, I don't really think anyone cares about this game.  I just included it to see if anyone really reads this stuff.  You can let me know below.

You can see the entire schedule for games and where you can see them here.

This is our Saturday morning open thread.  Look for a second thread today about 3:30 PT.  Until then, tell us what you're watching, what you're thinking, what you're sipping, and have at it!