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Kiffin Fired

LOL, ESPN reporting "who would want the job"

The punk gets punked.
The punk gets punked.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Lame Kiffin was fired.  USC football is in a tailspin and it is time to blame the coach.The USC Trojans have fired their head coach:

Lane Kiffin not six hours after dropping to 3-2 after a blowout loss to Arizona State.

Trojans athletic director Pat Haden broke the news to Kiffin after the team's arrival back in Los Angeles early Sunday morning after the 62-41 loss at Tempe, Ariz., the school said in a statement on its website.

USC has lost seven of their past 11 games dating to last year and both of their first two in Pac-12 play this season.

ESPN experts like Keyshawn Johnson aren't buying the unofficial spin.

Between the ongoing issue with the sanctions and injuries, the Trojans played at Arizona State on Saturday night with 56 recruited scholarship players. The lack of depth was evident at times in that game, and in the end, Kiffin was held ultimately responsible.on TV right now are pointing out it is not the schedule

USC Football is in trouble.  I will give Pat Haden some credit for not waiting like Dan Guerrero did with Neuheisel and Howland.

Comment below.  More as the day goes on.

UPDATE I (gbruin): I hate to say anything good about them but those guys don't accept mediocrity.

They are firing a coach with a winning record (Neu's was several games below .500 after the Arizona debacle) who truly is undermanned (Neu had stud classes and no sanctions) and now have to hire mid season with continued sanctions (Dan chickened out until the alums forced his hand at season's end).

But Southern Cal isn't blind to what they have and those people aren't going to waste any more time for things to get fixed. I don't mean to defend them, but Haden just owned Guerrerror on how to manage a football program. Now, where does Kiffin fall up from here?