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Headlines in the Bruin Related Twitterverse - Lane Kiffin Fired


"Why isn't Moons over my Hammy on this menu?!"
"Why isn't Moons over my Hammy on this menu?!"
Jamie Squire

Lane Kiffin was, unfairly, given the heave-ho this morning.  Here are the details:


I mean, that's just rude and cruel to such a fine coach.

A tag team firing.

Brutal to fire him in public, right?

The players noticed:

Rumors that cheering erupted from the bus could not be substantiated.  But probably real.

@insideUSC who is Scott Wolf at the LA Daily News has a fairly obvious beef with Kiffy (probably due to getting booted from watching practice, even if he claims he doesn't hate Kiffy) and his entire timeline is just a riot this morning.  He's spilling all the dirt he can.

The players weren't a huge fan of Kiffy, if this is to be believed:

Apparently some of the players were just aghast at the cost of the pillows at Kiffy's house.  Hello Kitty pillows are that expensive?

Who do we have to thank?  GlassesRef!

One alum has chimed in:

Some final thoughts, one from our own Ryan:

When they fired Robinson, they left a message on his answering machine.

Fools indeed.

I just wanted to include this in here, because of how much we all hate Seth Davis:

Gross.  Best of luck to Kiffy, he provided mountains of entertainment for us.  It's so unfortunate to see a coach of his caliber go.