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Lane Kiffin Unjustly Fired - Pat Haden Answers His Critics - Press Conference Open Thread

We want answers, Ethical Pat.

"yes... the parking lot.. yes..."
"yes... the parking lot.. yes..."

Pat Haden will answer for the absolutely cruel way he fired Lane Kiffin this morning:

If you have any questions, please make sure to direct them to @insideUSC on twitter.

I'd recommend: "Was text message too much work?"

"Do you get a discount on the bus ride back to Southern Cal if Kiffy's weight wasn't on the bus?"

"Do you even understand what Orgeron says half the time?" "FOLLOWUP: Did you enjoy his acting in 'The Blind Side'?"

"Will you demand immediate repayment of the 500k loan you gave Kiffin? Or will you just withhold it from his buyout?"

"Can you save yourself some money and just move Andy Enfield into Lane's house?"

Above all, he must answer for constantly firing coaches midseason! This is completely unfair!

This is your open thread. Enjoy.