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Spaulding Roundup: Digesting the Wolf Pack

The UCLA Football team was back at practice today after a good performance in their first game of the season.

Harry How

Well that was a very nice long weekend, wouldn't you say?  I would like to take credit for the team's second half performance, since I had to stop watching after the first half which was not all that great.  I do have to say, there aren't many better ways to watch sports than at a Sportsbook in Las Vegas...I was able to watch 5 games simultaneously.  And though I bet the under on the score (over/under was 67), I was still very happy.  Not at halftime, but after.

Here is Coach Mora after the team got back to work today:

Hat tip once again to Ed Lewis at BSR.

Not much to report today:

Most of the practice was generic today, as the coaches made some corrections from the game.

Tomorrow and Thursday, the team will work on the Nebraska gameplan, though not extensively so as to build up and keep things fresh.

This week, they will still work on fundamentals: tackling, communication, substitution, basic things that are still not quick smooth yet.

Having the bye week allowed the teamm to focus on Nevada without thinking about Nebraska.  Now they have time to prepare and still recover from training camp.  Mora is not worried about a disruption in momentum.

Players so far are not distracted by TV and newspapers, so not really buying into the hype that is building.  Mora believes that they are very focused and disciplined, and have adopted the attitude of not looking at outside chatter.

From the game, the coaches learned that:

  • we have very good freshman players
  • our QB has matured
  • the OL is stable
  • we have a very good front 7
  • the young secondary played well
  • we punted the heck out of the ball (har dee har har)

Mora of course acknowledges that there is still a lot to learn from, and many adjustments to be made.  He specifically pointed out that substitutions on defense did not look right.

Finally someone (Ed) asked Mora if he had any input on the black jerseys that the team will wear against Washington.  Mora claims he had no idea what he was being asked and that he was focusing on Nebraska.  Great reply and great to hear though of course I highly doubt he had no input given his hands-on approach.

Tough to wait another weekend for our game, but always sweet to do so after a good win.