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Headlines in the UCLA Twitterverse - NFL Bruins & Celebrating Sydney Leroux

Tweets from NFL Bruins as the NFL season starts this weekend and other tweets of interest from the UCLA Twitterverse -- and

Harry How

The NFL season starts this weekend, and here are some happy NFL Bruins:

From undrafted free agent to signed. Congrats Joe!

Chris Kluwe, who was cut by the Raiders, is taking it rather well:

I mean really well:

Speaking of NFL Bruins Datone took some time to tweet at us to give us his his thoughts on the special unis for the Washington game:

There was some chatter about the Johnny Manziel decision last week, and of course former NCAA Football players see how hypocritical the NCAA can be.

Play football, watch football. Even if it's bad football.

College rivalries never die!

Several basketball recruits were on campus for their visits. They all want to go to one place:

We can't share Snider's tweets (the guy we really need) because his account is protected. Thankfully (for Stevie 2.0) Alford got a commitment from Bluiett because he brought in his high school coach as an assistant to UCLA. Genius!

Oh not sure if you guys what Sydney Leroux did the other night. I think you will want to check it out. Here are our girls celebrating the Bruin legend:

Go Bruins!!!