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Thursday/Friday Night Lights: Special College Football & NFL Kickoff Open Thread

Just when the party got started, we now have to wait another week to watch our Bruins in action. However, there are still games to be played and there will be one outstanding Bruin on the field tonight. This is your open thread for Thursday and Friday night football.

Rahim Moore is starting for the (gbruin's beloved) Broncos tonight
Rahim Moore is starting for the (gbruin's beloved) Broncos tonight
Photo by Jacob de Golish/Getty Images

While our team may have a bye week as it prepares to play Nebraska next week, there is one great Bruin who will be starting tonight for the Denver Broncos. Gbuin will be at Mile High Stadium cheering on his beloved Broncos and many of us will be watching Rahim Moore as he gets the start in his 3rd season for Denver. Rahim had a heartbreaking end to his season last year and I know he will be looking forward to getting back on the field and getting that moment behind him. He gets his chance at "redemption" tonight in the Broncos rematch with the Ravens. Personally, I don't think redemption is needed when one goes out, plays hard, and gives it there all. And by the way, how did Rahim respond? In true Bruin fashion:

Twenty-four hours after that loss, Moore flew to Florida and went right back to work, training and lifting. And watching all his plays from last season - yes, especially that one - in hopes of getting smarter, stronger, swifter, so that one day fans might at least find it in their hearts to forgive, if not forget.

The game will be shown on NBC at 5:30.

As for college games, Thursday night features Arizona State against Sacramento State (in Tempe) at 7pm. Many think Arizona State will be our main competition to win the Pac-12 south. The only other game is Florida Atlantic at East Carolina (4:30 pm). On Friday, there are two games: Wake Forrest at Boston College and UCF and Florida International. Both games begin at 5 pm.

In the meantime I thought it might be fun to again enjoy our band opening for the Rolling Stones last spring, in what kind of expresses how I feel having to wait another week to see our Bruins:

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And for those going to Nebraska next week, check out how you can meet up with others in the BN community here.

This is your open thread. Enjoy and Go Bruins!