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Daily News Reporter: Neuheisel "Sold" An "On-campus" Stadium to Dietrich Riley

Dietrich Riley's interview with Jack Wang reveals more than just what a great person he is.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We all remember the moment.

We all remember The Hit.

We all remember the announcement.

I have to say, hearing about Dietrich Riley's medical retirement was one of my saddest days as a UCLA Bruin.  He symbolized a big victory over the hated Trogans, played hard and continues to be a great Bruin.

His was a promising career, slated to continue the tradition of great safeties at UCLA.  In his revealing and heartfelt interview with Jack Wang, Dietrich opens up about his love of football, and what he thought was his destiny.  He unveils the heartache and nostalgia of not being able to play football again, and the gratitude of still being able to be part of the UCLA Football program.  I strongly encourage everyone to read it and learn more about this young man's trials and tribulations.

But there is more to the story, and it seems the promise of Dietrich's playing career is not the only thing that vanished along the way.

Buried in a couple of short sentences in the article is this confounding bit of information (emphasis mine):

Now 21, he sits on bleachers at Spaulding Field and stares out at his team's practice facility. The on-campus stadium Neuheisel sold to him never materialized. Neither did the Nike deal.

I think you'll forgive me for saying:  Umm...WHAT THE FLOCK??!!!

I really don't know where this information is coming from but it leads me to ask many unpleasant questions:

  • Did Rick Neuheisel make false promises to lure a top recruit?
  • Is Dietrich's account of his recruitment wrong?
  • Did Jack Wang stretch the truth in Riley's comments?
  • Or, did Chianti and his minions lie to Neuheisel to keep him happy?

I have no clue, but someone comes out not looking so clean in all of this.