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Spaulding Roundup State of Bruins’ Defensive Line, Return of Kenny Walker & Other UCLA Notes

News and notes from UCLA football program as Bruins continue to prepare for Virginia Tech Hokies.

Big Ellis has had a solid season.
Big Ellis has had a solid season.
Stephen Dunn

Let's take our mind off Alford's garbage by sharing some quick football notes from today's practice. Actually, we don't have a lot as Coach Mora sent DL coach Angus McClure out to talk to reporters. Here is the video from (not behind paid firewall):

McClure talked to the reporters over various aspects of UCLA's DL including topics such as development of youngsters such as Kenny Clark, improvement of guys like Ellis McCarthy and NFL prospects of a senior like Cassius Marsh, who can potentially offer an NFL team services at number of different positions ranging from a TE to a specialized DE. More from Chris Foster:

Marsh said he has even heard a couple of NFL teams might want him as a tight end. He has been used as a blocker in short-yardage and goal-line situations. He also has two touchdown receptions the last two seasons.

But defense is where his mind is.

"I'm confident in my ability as an athlete and my ability to do everything," Marsh said. "What makes me special is that I am a playmaker wherever you put me."

McClure also posted a pretty cool tweet of Marsh working out with "old school tools":

Here is to Marsh finishing up with an outstanding game against the Hokies, and then shining in all the NFL draft workouts.

Elsewhere, Jack Wang posted a good interview of second year speedster/WR Kenny Walker who is working on returning next season after recovering from a surgery. Getting him back is going to be a nice boost for our offense.

Lastly, I will end this roundup with a tweet from Patrick Girardi, UCLA's football's "Director of Player Personnel":

Told ya. I'd do what I can to make you forget about Alford's garbage program.