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Sun Bowl Notes: UCLA Football Spends a Day with The Troops in Fort Bliss, Texas

UCLA football spends a day with the troops at Fort Bliss.

Ralph has posted video highlights of UCLA football team spending a day with the troops at Fort Bliss. The Bruins had the opportunity get a taste of life as member of U.S. Army as they got to take in some simulation of targeting practicing and driving a tank.

The video has comments from Brett Hundley, Jordan Payton and Randall Goforth. Looks like they were having fun and also getting to appreciate the services our brave men and women provide to serve and protect our country.

The event also closed a loop in this season (referenced by Goforth) as the Bruins got it the year started by taking in some seal training in San Diego before heading out to camp in San Bernardino. And here they were today. Hopefully all this gets them fired up to finish strong and get that win number 10.