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Sun Bowl Notes: Anthony Barr's "Senior" Reflections

UCLA's All American -the best Linebacker in the country - senior Anthony Barr reflects on his Bruin careers before playing in his last game in a UCLA uniform against Virginia Tech.

And here is Ralph Irivin's sit-down with Anthony Barr in which the Bruin legend briefly reflects on his glorious and now storied career at UCLA.

The video is pretty cool because it has some clips from Barr's first two years when he was playing the "F-Back" position (sigh) in Rick Neuheisel's "pistol" offense (groan). While the memories are painful they do give us some glimpses of Barr's athletic talent that made him such a sought-after recruit out of Loyola.

Of course when Ralph goes over the highlights -- good chunk of the focus was on that "cosmic encounter" between Barr and Barkley, as Barr is still wondering why no one from the Trojan offense was blocking him in that play (lolz). His reflection on the sideswipe forced fumble on Cody Kessler was also pretty funny as he was amused that the Trojans tried to block him with a TE.

BTW -- quick sidenote here. I really appreciate these videos from Ralph. That said, I wish he was better resourced (by the Morgan Center) in putting together these pieces. Can you imagine what schools with real PR department would have done with a student-athlete int he caliber of Barr? He'd have his own micro-sites and multiple highlight videos with special soundtracks. But, apparently all that is too much to ask from an athletic department that wastes almost a million dollar per year paying it's incompetent athletic director (or spending millions on a fourth-tier basketball coach). Oh well.

Thanks again for an amazing career AB. Hope you get to go out with that "10th win."