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UCLA 42 Virginia Tech 12: Official Highlights of Bruins' Big Sun Bowl Win

Official video (sideline) highlights of Bruins' convincing 42-12 win over Virginia Tech Hokies in 2013 Sun Bowl.

Here are the official video highlights of UCLA's huge Sun Bowl win with post-game comments from Brett Hundley, Myles Jack, Shaq Evans, Jordan Zumwalt.

Hundley mentioned how Devin Fuller and Jordan Payton set up huge blocks for him in his 86 yard rushing TD. Jack called his pick-6 basically a "layup" after Kenny Clark had the opposing QB all "wrapped up."

Thanks again to Ralph for getting these videos together so fast after Bruins' win all season. Happy New Year to him and all the Bruins who traveled out to El Paso to enjoy today's big win.