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Hi all! Four years ago (wow!), I compiled the original BN Lexicon. Much has changed since then, and many more users have joined the BN community. The Lexicon was written to help out new or casual visitors to the site understand who or what many of us regulars are referring to. I've copied the original below for ease of reference. I've already made a few edits: there are some items that I believe can be dropped from the Lexicon, as they're either no longer correct, no longer relevant, or no longer a frequent part of discussions are marked to be dropped. I've also added some portions that were not in the original.

I'm sure there are quite a few things I've left out that have become part of the day-to-day parlance of BN. Please share your suggestions in the comments, and I'll do my best to compile the BN Lexicon 2.0! I won't include every suggestion in every comment, as I want to focus on those terms that get frequent usage rather than the fun stuff that comes and goes in a week or two.

Have at it!

***edited Friday 1/10 around 8:30PM PST to incorporate many great suggestions/reminders in the comment thread so far. Thanks for those, and please let me know what else you think should be added/changed!***

general Bruins Nation terms:

apostrophe violation: most often noted by Fox71, who I believe originated the comment here, but used whenever people use apostrophe's after all word's ending with the letter s regardless of whether there are reason's to do so

BN: Bruins Nation, of course.

BSPN: a more accurate spin on "ESPN," given the East coast bias, their love of Southern Cal, their continued employment of Dick Vitale, etc., etc., etc.

Chianti Dan: Athletic Director Dan Guerrero. In the fall of 2011, while Howland's basketball program was falling apart, it was announced that the following summer one could take a Chianti and Italian Riviera Tour with none other than Guerrero himself.

CHP: Coach Howland's predecessor. A name rarely typed here, as his tenure at UCLA was such a joke, but given the purpose I'll do so anyway: Steve Lavin.

CRN: former Coach Rick Neuheisel.

CTS: Coach Toledo's successor. Our football team had a gap in coaching between Bob Toledo and Rick Neuheisel. The person who sat in the football coach's office during those years was Karl Dorrell. Though he starred as a UCLA wide receiver, his "coaching" was such that many on BN cannot speak or write his name.

Coach: Coach John Wooden. As Classof66 said, Wooden is the one and only leader of any Bruin team, past, present, or future, that can be referred to as simply "Coach."

Dorrellian: In reference to our prior football coach's frustrating and mind-numbing conservative play calling, can be used to describe any play or coaching that is inept, predictable, uninspired, or mediocre, or the acceptance of such standard as status quo.

Dorrellistas: Reference to the blind-faith Karl Dorrell supporters who were steadfast until the bitter end. Can personify those who share a warped sense of reality in embracing mediocrity and refusing to question authority, citing fear of negative recruiting repercussions, or just out of sheer apathy.

fishwrap: The Los Angeles Times. Once considered a leading newspaper, the "Trojan Times" has no better use than keeping fish covered up at this point.

"FYI - (insert dumb Moron Center action of your choice)": to mock Donut Dan's query to his staff in response to emails regarding the horrendous Zubaz zebra-print uniforms the basketball team was forced to wear during the 2013 conference tournament (see the original emails here)

Guerror or Guerrerror: AD Dan Guerrero

Howler: someone who blindly supported Coach Ben Howland well after the Final Four years had come and gone, because "he got us to three Final Fours!" apparently meant it didn't matter if the team had devolved into a joke

Lizard (of Westwood): see CHP.

MacLeaner: In basketball, a shot a player fires up to pad his stats once he knows the coach is about to pull him out of the game (typically when the Bruins are winning and it's time to clear the bench). Created by Don MacLean, who played at UCLA from 1989 to 1992, became UCLA's (and the Pac-Twelve's) all-time leading scorer, and is now often a commentator for UCLA basketball games.

Moron Center: a more appropriate name for Morgan Center, where the UCLA Athletic Department administration is located

NC's: national championships

OPUG: Old Pauley Under Glass - what Moron Center wants you to call "New Pauley"

Ragovic: Nikola Dragovic, a basketball player under CBH who was held in low regard by many on BN due to his propensity to shoot within half a second of receiving the ball, while on the other side rarely playing anything similar to defense

SPTR's: Sh*tty Pac-Twelve Refs. Can be used in reference to basketball and football, and likely other sports as well.

The Standard: the University of Arizona basketball team; begun when former guard Marcus Williams felt that his Mildcats were the standard against which other programs in the conference should be judged.

three wealthy and influential alums: A random poster dropped by during Dorrell's last days to inform us of exclusive news that "three wealthy and influential alums" told him that UCLA was going to stay with Dorrell. Now used (especially by Fox71) to point out to new or drive-by posters that at BN we expect information to come from sources the rest of us deem reliable as well, not just your buddies.

"top 20 or 30 ____ of all time": user DoctorMexican only blessed us with his presence for a short time back in 2010, but it was long enough to create this epic fanpost/thread about Blake Arnet in which he called Michael Jordan "probably one of the top twenty or thirty basketball players OF ALL TIME."

TRA: The Rape Apologist, aka basketball...sorry, I can't use the word we affiliate with Wooden for this person. Steve Alford, the person Chianti put in charge of the basketball team. If you aren't clear why so many of us feel so strongly that this person should never be worthy of any connection to the four letters, to the program once run by Coach Wooden, see background information here, here, and just part of Bruingirl83's excellent investigation and analysis here. Also...

TARA: The Alleged Rape Apologist, and

TIARA: The Indianan (or Iowa) Alleged Rape Apologist

u$c*: that self-proclaimed "university" across town. Should be in lower case, as caps denote validity to "university" claim. The $ should be obvious to anyone who sought out this site. The asterisk is an attempt to refer to the dozens of scandals without going into pages upon pages. Many wonderful variations are out there on what the U, $, and C could stand for (University of Spoiled Children, etc.). This list would be much too long to be included here.

"with apologies to uclaluv's mom": used when making a comment that uses - or originally was intended to use - cursing. The origin was this comment.

Wizard of Westwood: see Coach.

tWWL: the WorldWide Leader in sports, ESPN's description of itself.

WWL: ESPN (see above).

+66: a variant on the standard "+1" that many use in reply to indicate they agree with a comment. Begun (by me) in reply to a comment by Classof66. BN members will use other numbers at times rather than +1 depending on the user making the original comment and/or the context.

current or recent Bruin athletes:

AA: Arron Afflalo (helps explain...)

AA2: Alfred Aboya (who came to UCLA after Afflalo)

avi Wear or simply avi: David Wear with no D (in his game, and thus name)

DC: Darren Collison

JetSki: Jonathon Franklin

KL: Kevin Love

MJD: Maurice Jones-Drew

PAA: President Alfred Aboya, in light of his presidential ambitions once his athletic career ends.

RW: Russell Westbrook

The Mayor: Jonathon Franklin, who would like to eventually be the mayor of Los Angeles

related to u$c*:

Ballroom Dancer: Matt Leinart (took this academically challenging course during his final year at u$c*)

Cheatey Petey: Pete Carroll

the condoms: trojans

Costco Center: Galen Center, u$c*'s basketball arena

Crapaseum: the LA Coliseum, site of u$c*'s football games

Ethical Pat: trogan AD Pat Haden

Figueroa Tech: u$c*

Hello Kiffin / Kiffykins / Lame Kiffin / Lame Kitten: former u$c* football "coach" Lane Kiffin

just$c: In the early 90's, basketball player JR Henderson referred to them as "just $C."

Mausoleum: see Crapaseum

The Ogre: Ed Orgeron, former u$c* associate head coach/recruiting coordinator/D-line coach, caller of UT recruits

OJ2: OJ Mayo (or OJ Payo), in deference to the original OJ

to orgeron (verb): to do something which might be technically legal, but is clearly immoral, unethical, and dirty. (originated by Fox71)

Pauley East: see Costco Center

Pom Pom: see Cheatey Petey

Sarkiffin: $c football coach Steve Sarkisian, who at one time was an assistant there under Cheatey Petey along with Lane Kiffin, and who essentially replaced Kiffin after the ‘interim' half-season under Orgeron. Also Seven Win Steve for his consistent level of success at UW.

Señora Ross: ‘teacher' of a cupcake class at Figueroa Tech that many u$c* ‘athletes' enrolled in.

SChilly Smith: BSPN ‘reporter' who completely blew the ‘CNC is going to u$c*!!!!!!' story

Splashme: Bill Plashke of the fishwrap

Timmeh: former u$c* basketball coach Tim Floyd; resigned because he "no longer felt enthusiasm" for the job somewhat conveniently after it was revealed he had helped funnel money to OJ2 (hence OJ Payo)

trogans: Used to mock any claim to academics at u$c*. Origin: on Letter of Intent Day in 2010, high school football player Markeith Ambles proclaimed on his twitter page "Go Trogans!!!!!!" More here. Used in lower-case because nothing related to $c is worth capitalizing.

Trojan Times: see ‘fishwrap' in general BN section

names for that other team: Southern Cal, trOJies (note the OJ in caps), sucsters

common abbreviations/phrases:

FWIW: for what it's worth

HT: hat tip - a show of gratitude toward a person/site for bringing something to the attention of the writer

ICYMI: in case you missed it

IIRC: if I recall correctly

IMO / IMHO: in my (humble) opinion

LMAO: laughing my ass off

LOL: laughs out loud

meh: an interjection expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm

MSM: mainstream media

OT: off topic; used to introduce a fanpost or fanshot not directly related to UCLA athletics or a comment not directly related to the topic of the thread (to be used sparingly if at all - rarely seen even from the BN regulars)

ROFL: rolling on the floor laughing

WTF: what the f*ck?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.

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