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Bruins Nation Awards - Your 2013 Winners!

The envelopes, please...

Who wins the Benny?
Who wins the Benny?

Your votes have been counted.  Here are your winners...

In the category of Best Writing 2013, the Benny goes to Dallas-BruinHow a fellow Bruin saved my life!

In the category of Best Comedy 2013, the Benny goes to Bruinut for Howland Haiku.

And this year's Editors' Choice Award for outstanding contributions to Bruins Nation goes to MexiBruin - in recognition of his widespread outstanding efforts, including #SFatPauley, petitions to the Chancellor's office, tailgates and game watch parties, and a library of great posts and passion on BN.

This is Dallas-Bruin's first Benny, and thanks to his fellow Bruin, he will be in the running for many more.  Among the 5 outstanding entries, his personal story clearly struck a chord.  His is a triumph not just of one person, but a triumph by his team of caregivers and a triumph by the Bruin family.  The phrase "Bruin for life" has rarely carried more meaning.  We wish continued good health and continued great posts to Dallas-Bruin.

Bruinut received several nominations before finally breaking through last year to win his first Benny, and with nominations in both categories this year, he now looks like he is going to make this a yearly habit.  I hope there is more room on the mantle there, Bruinut.

Congratulations, You have won your second Bear. Now can you three-peat?

See? 5-7-5.

I think all of BN will recognize MexiBruin as one of the most outstanding members of our community.  His love for U.C.L.A. is evident in all areas.  He leads the fun with his world class tailgating cuisine and watch parties. He leads the conscience with his voice and his actions to do what is right by U.C.L.A.  And he was a semi-finalist for both awards categories this year.  You can't stop MexiBruin - you can only hope to contain him.  Mexi is the second recipient of the Editors' Choice Award.  Last year's winner, IE Angel, was conscripted into service on BN.  We'll probably spare MexiBruin the same awful fate.  But for his passion and his efforts, Mexi will receive the 2014 Vintage UCLA Football Calendar from Asgard Press.  Thanks again to Asgard Press for providing this prize.

Congrats to all of our nominees this year! I will contact the winners to arrange delivery of your awards.

Finally, I want to say one more sincere thank you to everyone who contributed on BN in 2013, whether it was a comment or a fanshot or a fanpost.  2013 was another record year for us, and I hope everyone will continue and expand all their contributions in 2014.  BN is clearly an important and sorely needed voice in the Bruin fanbase, and everyone's input counts.  We may not always agree on the roads we want to take, but I think we do agree on where we want those roads to take us.

I hope BN will remain a place to bring Bruin fans together, in times of need and in times of celebration, to support the greatest University in the world.

After-party time!