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The 2013 Bruins Nation Awards: Vote for Best Comedy

2013 is over, but nothing is ever really gone once it's on the internet. Let's look back at some of the best blogposts from last year, from the best online community ever. This post: Best Comedy.

An award for Best Comedy on BN awaits...
An award for Best Comedy on BN awaits...

Happy 2014, Bruins Nation! It's time to continue the 4th annual Bruins Nation Awards. Let's follow up from yesterday's Best Writing category with a look at the year's best Best Comedy from Bruins Nation. The finalists and links and the poll for your votes are below.

As always, your votes will determine the winner of the precious Benny, a 5 inch replica of the 40 foot high blue Bruin sculpture in downtown Denver. Bruins run Denver, too.

As we said yesterday, we've been through a lot together since Nestor and Company started this place, and 2013 was no exception. We may not always agree on all the micro issues, but we can all agree how important U.C.L.A. is to all of us. In some ways, 2013 was one of the more controversial and disappointing years ever for Bruins fans, which magnifies the importance of posts like these that generate laughter and joy. Frankly, we need a lot more of this kind of stuff on BN.

As with previous awards, we reviewed everyone of the year's fanshots and fanposts, selected the best, and then narrowed it down to a final 5 nominees. We had some hilarious moments last year, and this award is to honor our BN community members. The community members are the lifeblood of BN and the reason we give these awards. The finalists were chosen pretty much for what made us laugh the most. It was harder than ever this year to choose just 5, and that's a testament to the great minds and the great humor of the people here on BN. Honorable mentions in the category this year go to Mexi, sam_in_hb, bruinfollower, JoeBruin15, and grizhawkeye.

Here are the finalists. Each title is linked to the post so you can go back and have some great laughs. With no further ado...

The finalists for the 2013 BN Award for Best Comedy are:

Howland Haiku - Bruinut, Jan 27 Howland's team a mess; Bruinut spawns great haiku; BN joins in. Chiantiku next, Blocku followed after that. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Trogan-to-English: Pat Defends Lane - ucla7477, Jul 27. An important part of greatness is consistency, and 7477 makes his annual appearance in the Comedy Awards with his Trogan to English series. This time, 7477 decodes the dreaded vote of confidence for the guru Lane Kiffin from his A.D. Phew. Good thing Haden didn't throw Kiffy under the bus. A bus at LAX, after a loss, for instance.

Fun With the Internets - Karl II, Sept 8 Watching southern Cal take a dump against Washington State in the Coliseum was amusing enough, but when Karl II delved behind the scenes and gave us a behind-the scenes look into the game plan and the thoughts and quotes from the Southern Cal braintrust. Well, that's an oxymoron, but you know what I mean.

Thanksgiving and traditions and turkeys. - Fox71, Oct 13. Most of Fox's considerable genius is confined to the comment sections, but fortunately the world sometimes irritates him enough that he is forced to write an original post. Thank goodness. Fox reiterates his campaign against announcers, volume, punctuation, and those who reuse the wisdom of his parables. The Book of Fox, Chapter 71. Must read, but do not listen.

Sarkiffin Making Up and Believing His Own Hype - BruinCore, Dec 12. New trogan coach Steve Sarkisian is going to provide us with plenty of laughs, and he got off to an epic start when he touted his championships at UW. Wait, what? I guess we missed that. Luckily, BruinCore and the comment thread reminded us of some of the other incredible feats Sark achieved that slipped under the radar. Dude is incredible, in a truly hilarious way.

Voting will remain open until Jan 7 when we will announce the winners and award our second annual Editors' Choice Award. Last year's Editors' Choice winner was IE Angel, but we then pressed him into indentured service on BN, so we will have a new winner this year.

Get your votes in and share your thoughts in the comments below. Go Bruins!