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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Final Sun Bowl Thoughts, NFL Bruins, Happy Birthday XSF

And a Happy New Year to you!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We hope you are having a Happy New Year:

And that you celebrated with the appropriate caution:

Pac-12 Season starts this week with Southern Cal.

This is a great picture of Luc:

One final picture from the Sun Bowl:

And with that, some final Sun Bowl thoughts:

(one more year... one more year... one more year...)

It's the end of the NFL season, and our favorite NFL Bruins are making their way back home:

Congratulations Datone Jones and the Packers, but BN is pretty Niners heavy, so many front pagers will probably root for you to do well individually but a Niners win:

Life advice, cell phone advice, and bathroom etiquette:

The life of a college basketball player on winter break:

Allright, all of you that kept complaining about Jordan Adams' hair:

It's gone, he shaved it all off.

Happy Birthday Xavier Sua-Filo:

Go Bruins!