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Mora Texas Nonsense, Alabama-Oklahoma Sugar Bowl TV Schedule, College Football Open Thread

Open thread tracking Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Texas and quick comment on more silly Mora-Texas rumors.

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

The college football season is slowly winding down. Here are the remaining games in this year's bowl season(thanks again to uclaluv for compiling them few weeks ago). Only one game is on TONIGHT:

While all eyes will be on Alabama-Oklahoma this evening, as we are in the middle of coaching-carousel off-season madness, there are some ridiculous rumor/speculation floating around the internets (HT Bruins#1):

Ooooh. We are so worried here. But wait, there is more!

And now there is a story on Johnny Manziel-Tim Tebow network! So we have to get really worried now!

Uhm. I guess Texas can always call Mora's representatives. But that is not going  change the fact that Mora is not leaving Westwood for Austin. Whatever.