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Karl Dorrell to be named OC at Vanderbilt

Ex-UCLA Head Coach Karl Dorrell is set to move back to the college ranks.

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

In case you hadn't heard yet, word is that Karl Dorrell has apparently been hired to be the next Offensive Coordinator at Vanderbilt.  While this hasn't yet been confirmed by the school yet, reliable sources believe that it's a done deal:

Dorrell will be joining Derek Mason's staff.  Mason was hired to replace James Franklin, leaving his post of Defensive Coordinator at Stanford (which hopefully bodes well for the rest of the conference).

Well, we don't have to take you through the whole history of the Karl Dorrell era at UCLA. actually does a decent job at summarizing that:

During his five seasons with the Bruins, Dorrell went 35-27, losing six or more games in all but one campaign as his teams largely struggled to execute his version of the West Coast offense. The lone exception was in 2005, when a veteran team featuring running back Maurice Jones-Drew and tight end Marcedes Lewis posted a 10-2 record.

It was truly an agonizing period for a lot of us, who knew deep in out hearts that losing six games a year was woefully substandard at UCLA, and yet many were out to defend Dorrell with every inch of their being, including the pea that they had for a brain.

Karl Dorrell was in way over his head as a coach, and his poor recruiting strategy set UCLA back for years, preventing even Rick Neuheisel from building up a program.  But for all his faults as a head coach, he was still a great Bruin, and he remains a great Bruin and a good person who is generally well-liked and respected (even if we did make fun of his ability to remember birthdays).

What he also wasn't was a sleazeball who put his own interests in front of his school's.  I would be so much happier if someone like Dorrell was heading the UCLA Basketball program, rather than a rape apologist and nepotist who doesn't look out for his players' future.  Even if he was just as bad of a head coach, at least I could respect the man and not be disgusted to the point of apathy.  We were never apathetic about football during the Dorrell years, but you can see now how little interest there is for scumbag Alford's team despite his "winning" record.

The common denominator here is the man who hired them out of cowardice.  By all accounts, Chianti Dan wanted to hire Mike Riley, but didn't have the testicular fortitude to stand up to his condescending boss Chancellor Carnesale, who had made up his mind and based his decision on Dorrell's impeccable suit.  And Chianti Dan didn't have the courage to wait and hire a successful basketball coach, as UCLA deserves, instead panicking and throwing the contract intended for Brad Stevens on Alfraud's lap, complete with a buyout clause that was unheard of even for the most decorated coaches in the country, and the highest salary in the conference.  Let's just hope and pray that Alfraud doesn't set the UCLA hoops program back as far once he leaves, though he sure is on his way.

But let's not finish this post on such a sour note.  We truly wish Karl Dorrell a lot of success at Vanderbilt, and in fact many of us believe that it is a great fit for him.  Vandy does not exactly compete head-to-head with the rest of the SEC for recruits, and that works to his advantage if he can hone in on the right players.  He is joining what will likely be a pro-style team and Mason should have enough enthusiasm to make up for Dorrell's stoic nature (he was nicknamed The Thinker after all).  Hopefully, he will adapt his system better to the college game and for college players.

Bruins should have a soft spot for Vanderbilt, not just because of its focus on academics in a football-crazed conference, but also because it is the school that gave us Red Sanders.  So from all of us here, good luck to Karl Dorrell, and Chianti Dan Guerrero is the worst Athletic Director in America.