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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: UCLA Football Recruiting and Offseason, Fast Food, and Apartment Hunting

Also: Laundry Room Etiquette

Jeff Gross

Our commits are committed. Can't wait until they get to use a fax machine for the first time in their lives to send in their letters of intent:

TAKE THAT, SOUTHERN CAL. DON'T TOUCH OUR RECRUITS. We steal your recruits, you can't steal ours.

We agree.

Welcome Aaron Sharp, Brad who?

While our recruiting class is rounding out extremely nicely, the class of 2013 would like to remind you:

Football is back in the gym. No rest in the chase for a natty.

That does seem early - it's almost math and science early:

If you are attending the basketball game tonight, stick around for halftime:

Even with the worries of drought, the sunshine is nice.

Which are the party buildings again?

They also provide the best burgers ever:

Maybe we should cheer Zach Lavine on with promises of McDonalds breakfast:

I thought it was bad when someone would move my clothes out of the machine before I could, this is worse.

Go Bruins.