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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Hundley for Heisman, Recruit Watch, and Breakfast in Westwood

Do you fight for celebrity pics?

Stephen Dunn

Jim Mora doesn't think it's crazy to start #Hundley4Heisman

And he will manage those expectations, so all of you with your panties in a bunch that we're expecting too much, get over it.

Even the Women's Basketball Coach noticed, so really, get over it.

Meanwhile, we hosted a possible QB of the future over the weekend:

Slick move.

More Blue and Gold everywhere!

Even in Denver:

The debate rages on:

I agree with Headlines.

This is an example of how NOT to use Twitter, you classy Notre Dame fans.

Get over it.

All of you with teenage daughters at the basketball game last week probably had to fight to get pictures with Taylor Lautner.  Unfortunately Nick Kazemi has you all beat:

Fight for what you want.  Even if it's a picture with a werewolf.

Go Bruins.