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UCLA Basketball: ESPN’s Dick Vitale Launches Ignorant Attack Against Bruin Fans

ESPN analyst Dick Vitale launches ignorant criticism against UCLA basketball fans.

Duke Shills
Duke Shills

Apparently ESPN's ACC shill Dick Vitale attacked UCLA basketball fans today. Via

"I see 5,000 fans at Pauley," Vitale said, "5,000 fans at a school and team of that caliber in Southern California, that's just humiliation. I know you've got to win and produce or people aren't coming out in Hollywood, baby, with all there is to do. But are you serious? UCLA is winning, winning big and there should be excitement, enthusiasm.

Vitale apparently left out the part that UCLA doesn't have a single significant win from it's joke pre-season schedule. He didn't mention in two games in which we played real opponents, Steve Alford's team collapsed in the second half.

Vitale also left out the part about huge chunk of Bruin basketball's fanbase being completely demoralized thanks to an absurd hiring process by an incompetent administration that led to a rape apologist taking over the basketball program.

Anyway, thankfully Vitale is not going to be doing color commentary tomorrow night. Bruin legend Bill Walton will be in the house to offer analysis for ESPN. Walton is a good reason for tuning in to check out the Bruins tomorrow night even though Dan Guerrero and Gene Block have destroyed the soul of Coach Wooden's program.