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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Pizza to Campers, The Bruin Revolution Continues

Welcome to Winter Quarter in a city that doesn't believe in winter temperatures.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The students are actually excited for the Arizona game tonight in Pauley.  The basketball team appreciates the camp out and continued a UCLA tradition of handing out pizza to the campers:

Meanwhile, our football recruits are enjoying themselves and correctly riling up two fan bases:

Tweet. Of. The. Week.

Did you attend the women's basketball game over the weekend?  It was a Harry Potter theme, complete with a quidditch match at halftime:

Welcome to Winter Quarter:

Little Neu would have some good insights into QBs, right?

Happy Birthday to Simon Goines and Asiantii Woulard:

Goodbye BCS, and good riddance.

But it was a good game to watch.

Looking ahead to next season, plenty out there are happy that Brett Hundley is returning and possibly bringing home the hardware:

This would be awesome.

A new year brings about change:

Let's work out! Wait a second..

And because we all miss football so much already, one final note on the #bruinrevolution

Coach Mora actually started tweeting pics of lions, but I guess someone said he should used bears, so now he's using very angry looking bears.

It works.