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UCLA Basketball Recruiting - 4* PG Lonzo Ball Commits to UCLA

Out of Chino Hills High School, Ball is the first PG to commit to UCLA that isn't named Alford.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


At least, that's what it looks like for now.  Yesterday, TIARA received his first commitment of the 2016 class, and importantly, his first point guard commitment in Lonzo Ball, a 6'4", 162 pound (that's skinny) point guard out of Chino Hills High School.

Ball (what an appropriate basketball last name) is ranked as the 25th best overall player in his class on ESPN.  Scout has Ball listed as a four star recruit, and the #5 overall PG in 2016.  Being that it is REALLY early in the process, Ball doesn't have offers from many schools but he did have one from JustSC from back in October.

Here is some video on Ball:

By all accounts, it looks like Ball will be an excellent addition for the Bruins.  He wants to play at UCLA and is committing to UCLA.  Finally, UCLA has landed a point guard and it should be exciting to see him play the point in fall 2016.


And a big if.

1.  He's only a sophomore and he's already listed at 6'4" to 6'5".  There is a chance he mayutgrow the point guard position.

2.  How convenient.  Right when TIARA gets a point guard to commit, it'll be in the season that his son will be a senior.  Without any other PG recruits in sight for the classes inbetween.  We're not insulting Bryce, but TRA for deciding nepotism is better than finding quality recruits to come in each year.  This is basketball, where the scholarships are limited and the years the players stay in school are short.  If Ball keeps rising in the rankings and he doesn't see a possibility for playing time at his desired position, plus 2016 is a LONG time away, you have to wonder if Ball may seek opportunities elsewhere.  He and his family loves UCLA.  He doesn't necessarily love the guy currently in charge.

Welcome to Westwood, Lonzo and hopefully you will be the one to restart Point Guard U.