"They have to beat Oregon, they have to beat Stanford if they want to be an elite team. "

Will the coaches put Brett in a position to succeed? - Ronald Martinez

The "last UCLA quarterback to win the Rose Bowl" Matt Stevens spoke with Petros and Money on Friday. It's an amazing interview. Stevens speaks openly about how the sack issues is "easy to fix", about how the D the Ducks are running is easy to play call for, and how the defense didn't adjust to what Utah was doing last week.

There is no excuse to lose this game. According to Matt, Mariota is in a lot more trouble that is Brett Hundley. Mariota's situation is different because his line has little to no experience and is relying on a true freshman. As for UCLA, Stevens says it's easy to fix:

go to quick passing game or an empty set…have 5 receivers and you can throw the ball quickly. This is what UCLA did late last season (against usc and Virginia tech).

He thinks this is when Brett Hundley is at his best,

"when he’s the only guy back there, he goes into beast mode, he can run the football, spread a team out, quick pass and you don’t let him get hit".

Matt continues: that you can’t do play action and try to go deep against Utah like Mazzone did.

Regarding Brett, Stevens agrees with our own IE Angel:

"I think that everybody’s wrong about Brett Hundley"

He talks about his incredible improvement over the off season. Talks about things he can do now that he couldn’t before: the touch he has, he can drop a ball in, has all the throws, his feet are good in the pocket, he has a bazooka…

too much attention is being put on Brett Hundley. I think more attention needs to be put on the o’line, the backs, getting him better play calling, where you can take advantage of the skill set of Brett Hundley.

I really don’t know why they haven’t gotten into a rhythm. They have all the parts to be a good offense

About last year's Oregon game:

The score was tied 14-14 all the way into the 3rd quarter and then UCLA was really just very ineffective offensively.

He doesn’t think UCLA should have a problem with this defense which has gone "a little more base" since Alioti left. Petros responds:

Not hard calling plays against a base D, no doubt about that.

About the last drive against Utah, Matt was a little shocked. Not about what Utah did, but about how UCLA handled it:

UCLA they didn’t adjust, they didn’t bring guys up in the box, the safeties up close to the line of scrimmage.

Stevens agrees with us: there is no reason UCLA shouldn't win this game. And ...

They have to beat Oregon, they have to beat Stanford if they want to be an elite team. "

Brett will come out and be a beast. Let's hope UCLA calls the game on D and O that will put this team in a position to succeed.

Go Bruins!

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