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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Derrick Coleman Surgery, Hunter Virant Returns, and Burritos

Also, #gamergate

Thearon W. Henderson

Best of luck to Derrick Coleman:

Soo... I guess this means if you see Jaleel Wadood on campus, he doesn't mind if you ask for a picture?

Caleb Benenoch tweeted a hint to his running back:

That's a mighty good looking special teams unit there... back in the days...

Welcome back to baseball, Hunter.

We hope to see you this season.

While following the UCLA beat writers can get you quick UCLA #hottakes, it's also an interesting insight into their lives... burrito style.  Ryan Kartje enjoyed being in San Francisco for Pac-12 Media Day.

My burrito soulmate. #elfarolito #sf

A photo posted by Ryan Kartje (@rkartje) on

No lettuce. NO LETTUCE.

If you follow Chris Kluwe on twitter, he's has been ranting over Gamergate this week, and taking on anyone that says that he's wrong, as Kluwe insists he's right and the Gamer community is misogynistic, while the Gamergaters insist they're trying to instill some ethics in video game reviews... by targeting one female. (read why he's mad here.) (and a little background here.)

Warning: language

But he knows he's passionate.

Help is on it's way.

Go Bruins.