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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - UGLY UCLA Football Win, Four First Year Bruins in the NBA, and Anthony Barr Wins it for the Vikings

Bruce Davis and Nelson Rosario unleash on UCLA Football on Saturday.

Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

Final Colorado Tweets:

Nelson Rosario was NOT impressed on Saturday.

I think he meant on offense:

The game was brutal:

He also has an offense suggestion:

Anthony Barr had a hell of a ending to the game on Sunday.  We were watching.

Even Ryan Kartje had commentary:

How much do you love Anthony Barr? He started thanking people who tweeted at him.

Then he got to work on his DMs.

But it had to be the shoes that helped, right?

Congratulations USWNT, who won their qualifying tournament and is headed to the Women's World Cup next year.

Congratulations to Travis Wear, who made the New York Knicks final roster:

You know Alford is loving that another Bruin is in the NBA.  Will it last?  We'll see.

Go Bruins.