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A Five Man UCLA Basketball Team? Starters Dominate in an Exhibition Win 80-53 Win.

UCLA starters do okay, the bench looked outmatched in an exhibition against AZUSA PACIFIC.

Powell was a cut above everyone else tonight
Powell was a cut above everyone else tonight
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

The first half was ugly. The shooting percentages equaled the scores [UCLA 33 points (shooting 34.6), APU 22 (shooting 20.5%)].  UCLA did not get a basket in the last 4 and ½ minutes and won the first half at the free throw line.

The second half the starting lineup put the game away early.  And that was the stat for the game.  UCLA's starters were all +/- plus 20 or more.  Complete stats are here.

Looney showed why he is so highly ranked with some nice plays.  He had a double-double.

Isaac Hamilton did not have a good game on paper.  He was looking to pass first and play D .  He did not look like a selfish player which was one of the knocks against him.

Parker hit his free throws in an encouraging sign.  Bryce can shoot outside and Powell could do whatever he wanted this game.

But on the bench. . .  With 4 more minutes left the whole bench was negative on the +/- except Goloman.

Wannah looked out of control but an athlete.  Noah was all over the place.  He had an airball, a three and the nicest basket game of the game.  He looked lost at times on D but was playing the 2.  Welsh missed a number of open shots.

The moral, hard to tell against a bad team but the starters looked good and the bench looked bad.