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Utah Sacks UCLA. Bruins Get Outcoached and Fall at Home.

10 sacks allowed. 242 yards rushing allowed. One home loss to Utah, 30-28

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Not even a decent acting job by Ka'imi Fairbairn could bail out the Bruins.

After playing an uninspired three plus quarters at home in the Rose Bowl (who is that OC?), the Bruins finally found a sense of urgency in the 4th quarter and erased a 10 point deficit to go up 28-27 with just under 5 minutes left in the game.

Then Utah did what it did all night. It methodically moved the ball down the field by running the ball. They knocked off 5 and 6 yards at a time and when they finally decided not to run it, it was to take a knee on the 12 yard line to line up for a chip shot field goal.

Brett Hundley rose from the depths of 10 sacks (where is that OL coach?) to march the Bruins back into long long range FG territory, and after a running onto the kicker penalty game them a second chance and a 50 yard FG to win and perhaps save the season, Fairbairn's attempt was about a yard wide right. Who's the kicking coach again?

Congrats to the Utes and their coaching staff who made all the right moves against a Bruins team that thought talent alone was enough to win. Not tonight.

Here are the stats. Note Utah's 242 yards rushing. Was it really a surprise what they were going to do on that final drive? Better ask the DC.

There have been plenty of rumblings about various members of this coaching staff and whether players and units are developing like they should. Those rumblings are about to turn in to overwhelming roars.

Here's your post game thread. Have at it.