UCLA Football: Did Mazzone Make an Obscene Gesture Towards Bruin Fans?

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You know things are starting to go poorly when the composure of highly-paid professionals with years of experience starts to go down the drain. Stop the snickering - Nel Mazzne is being paid a lot of money - and he has been around for a long time - neither of which means he's any good at his job, but I digress.

According to comments from folks who actually attended last night's poor showing against the Utah Utes, it would appear that UCLA offensive coordinator Nel Mazzne responded to criticism from some fans by making an obscene gesture - specifically, the ol' classic - the middle finger salute:

Mazzone Finger 1

And while it might be easy to write that off as the experience of just one fan, it would appear one of those who were on the receiving end of Nel Mazzne's alleged middle finger gesture is a faculty member at UCLA:


Not much more to add than what Nestor opined in the comment thread - if this turns out to be true, then there should be some serious discipline leveled against Nel Mazzne. If a player did this, he'd be suspended - will Mora have a double-standard when it comes to his coaches - the guys who are highly-paid and allegedly the professional adults who are supposed to be "leading" this program?

If true - completely unacceptable.

If you were at the game and saw the alleged Nel Mazzne one-fingered salute, let us know - and if you have photographs or video - please share. Fire away with your thoughts, opinions, and comments in the thread. Very troubling if true.


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