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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Utah, Official Visits, and Earl Watson's New Career

Give Norman Powell a follow on his new twitter account

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Let's try to forget Saturday.  Usually we do a Bruin Tweet roundup after a game, but the Bruin twitterverse was very very quiet on Saturday/Sunday - partially due to the late game time, but mostly due to the loss.

We did have a few tweets.  Emphasis on few.

I am in full panic mode.

At least the recruits are still happy:

He's visiting this weekend:

Along with this guy:

He's not, but he's in our thoughts:

Earl Watson has retired from the NBA and is moving into the next part of his career, which I think many of us assumed he would take on - coaching. He will join the coaching staff of the Spurs NBDL team:

Norman Powell has a new (public) Twitter account. Give it a follow as he prepares for his senior season:

The best part of college:

(This is Jordyn Wieber's mom, by the way.)

Go Bruins.