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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - UCLA Women's Soccer Pac-12 Champs, Thursday Night TV, and Panda Express

Coming to America is a pretty good movie.


Congratulations UCLA Women's Soccer on your spectacular season. Let's take care of some business tonight.

PAC 12 CHAMPS! Sort of obsessed with them. #onegoal112

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You have to admit, even the recruits are big on the team concept:

You know where Tony Parker is every Thursday:

Kyle Anderson was back in town with the Spurs:

Panda Express - a line, no matter the time of day:

It's the small accomplishments in life that could add up to big things.

Oh snap, called out.

This is true. Whether due to schoolwork or other activities.

Quoting Coming to America is never a bad thing:

"F*** YOU!"

Yes. Although we could use some rain.

Football players: take care of yourselves, especially after your career ends:

Go Bruins.