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#DefendourLogo: UCLA Athletics Banking on "Respect & Sportsmanship" from the Trojans

Since we last blogged about this our post has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook and lots of tweets have been fired off at the AD and UCLA football accounts. We have heard that Josh Rebholz - the UCLA Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations - has indicated to some boosters that the AD is "confident" that the Trojans will "respect the sportsmanship of this great rivalry as well as our logo."

We have no idea what that means. Those Trojans sure showed a lot of "respect" for this "rivalry" when the vandalized the Bruin the week before this game. If the Trojans end up breaking whatever agreement there maybe in place between the UCLA AD and their Trojan counterparts, we will know who screwed up.

Beat $C. Go Bruins!!!