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UCLA Basketball: Bruins Get Easy Win, 107-74, Despite Horrible Second Half, Bryce Has Big Night

The Bruins jumped out to a big mid-first half lead, but coast the rest of the way almost getting outplayed by Nicholls State in the second half. They still get the easy win against a cupcake.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Nicholls State kept it close for four minutes, 12-8 UCLA, but the Bruins came out of the 16 minute TV timeout in a zone, and never looked back. Norman came out attaching the rim, but drew two fouls including an offensive and was replaced by Noah Allen.

By mid-half, Coach Alford had Allen, Bail and Welsh in together with Isaac Hamilton at point guard, and the Bruin train stalled. Bryce Alford, Kevon Looney, GG Golomon, Tony Parker and Norman Powell finished the half, and the Bruins went into the locker room up 60-29.  Bryce lit it up for 18 points and 8 assists. He seemingly let it go to his head with three hot dog plays. Tony Parker was very active, going for 13 points and 6 rebounds.

The Bruins came out in man and stayed that way for 7 minutes which allowed Nicholls State to stop the bleeding. Bryce, in particular, got torched by Nicholls' Lewis.  Finally, Alford went back to a zone at the 13 minute mark.  The Bruins went into the 12 minute TV timeout out up 76-50.

With Allen, Bail, Welsh, Hamilton and Powell in Nicholls St. continue to hold its own, and actually led for the half, 29-21. Alford seemed willing to let the game ride, not worrying about the score, but the bench did nothing to inspire confidence.

The Bruins got the game back under control by the six minute with the starters plus GG for Powell after a block by GG leading to a fast break bucket by Looney.

At the four minute mark, Bryce Alford had a career high in assists with 13, along with 28 points. SAlford went back to the bench for the last three minutes, and the Bruins won 107- 74.

Takeaways for the game;

  • Hamilton had a bad game, scoring only 9 points on 3-10 shooting, almost regressing back to his exhibition game level.
  • Looney had a double-double, but was quiet compared to what we've already come to expect.
  • Tony Parker had his best game with 20 points and 7 rebounds.
  • The Bruins didn't seem to have the fire to play a good man-to-man, and SAlford didn't seem to push, opting to go deep into his rotations and let the game play itself out. This is a zone team.
  • Bryce had big numbers against a cupcake, but didn't play defense at all.
  • Bench minutes:  Welsh 15, Allen 14, Bail 12, Golomon 10.