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BEAT SOUTHERN CAL: UCLA Football vs. $C Rivalry Showdown Game Thread

It's another must-win game for Jim Mora and the UCLA Bruins, not just in the race for the Pac-12 South crown and a spot in the conference title game against the Oregon Ducks, but it's a game that no Bruin ever wants to lose - it's the biggest game of the year and the goal is clear: BEAT SOUTHERN CAL.

Harry How/Getty Images

Another week, another do-or-die for Jim Mora and the UCLA Bruins. Last time the Bruins hit the field, they needed to keep winning to hold on to a slim hope they could squeak into contention for the Pac-12 South division crown through the back door - last week, the Oregon State Beavers blew that back door wide open for the Bruins, dropping the Arizona State Sun Devils in a huge upset to give the Bruins the advantage in the Pac-12 South race. Now, only UCLA controls its own destiny - the only way to hold on is to keep winning.

Now, with the division on the line, the Bruins will host our hated rivals, the Southern Cal Trojans, at the Rose Bowl in a huge game, both for the division crown, but for bragging rights. This is the game that even the flimsiest of fans on both sides circle on the calendar - whether you love Jim Mora or hate him, whether you pine wistfully for Karl Dorrell or had to resort to the bottle to drink away those terrible, horrible years, whether you think Steve Lavin is a swell guy or think he's a bulls**t artist pretending to be a coach, whether you think Steve Alford is the best thing since sliced bread or a mediocre con-artist who is running UCLA's storied hoops program into the ground - it doesn't matter. Today, only one thing matters: BEAT SOUTHERN CAL.

Since the Trojans, a group of shady douchebags, are led by one of the shadiest douchebags around - a certain Steve Sarkisian - they'll be welcoming back their star shady douchebag - a certain balcony life guard named Josh Shaw. Seven Win Sark is feeling the heat after crapping the bed against Boston College, losing to Arizona State at home, and coming up short in Utah. With #9 UCLA up today and Notre Dame the week after, those who followed Washington the last few years won't be surprised if Seven Win Sark finishes the year 7-5.

Kick-off is set for 5 p.m. PT in a nationally televised grudge match between our Bruins and the Southern Cal Trojans, with the game being shown on ABC. This is the game, the biggest one in Los Angeles, with everything on the line for both teams - the Bruins are trying to establish themselves at the team in Southern California, while the Trojans are trying to stumble their way out of the wilderness after being caught by the NCAA. For our Bruins, the goal is clear: BEAT SOUTHERN CAL.

It's a must win for our Bruins and for Jim Mora as they look to finish strong after a ho-hum start to the season. A big win today is a big step in the right direction. This is your BEAT SOUTHERN CAL football game thread, so fire way in the comment thread with your thoughts, comments, and observations as we tune in to see our Bruins take on the hated Trojans at the Rose Bowl.