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WATCH: Brett Hundley and the Bruins Talk About Three-Peat Over Southern Cal

Brett Hundley reminds the nation that UCLA Owns LA!

As the greater Bruin Nation celebrates yet another deconstruction of Southern Cal's football team, our players have finished up their postgame conditioning and have started talking with the media about their domination of the trogans.

Jack Wang has video of Brett Hundley's session up above, reafirming that the Bruins do in fact own Los Angeles and talking about how thankful he is to be a Bruin on a night that he broke yet another UCLA career record. He also has a clip of Thomas Duarte talking about being one of the rare Mater Dei players to reject the evil empire to come to Westwood and how the Bruins prepared for tonight's game and their love for one another.

Video via Jack Wang

Keep an eye on Jack's YouTube page tonight for more Bruin reactions - he has been quick in recording and uploading interview videos this evening.