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WATCH: UCLA Players React to Terrible Loss to Stanford

Video interviews with Myles Jack, Brett Hundley, Eric kendricks, Owamagbe Odighizuwa, & Jake Brendel, thanks to Jack Wang from InsideUCLA

Brett Hundley's last game at the Rose Bowl was one to forget.
Brett Hundley's last game at the Rose Bowl was one to forget.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Big thanks to Jack Wang at Inside UCLA for making these interviews available to the public.

Myles Jack:

I think we just gotta step away from the expectations. We gotta go back to that UCLA team that was just nitty gritty. The team that nobody really talked about but was up and coming and everything.

I love you Myles, but check this, if no one is talking about you, there's a reason, and it's not a good thing. This team needs to learn to embrace expectations without being weighed down by them. They are bars to reach for, not burdens to carry.

Brett Hundley:

Really shocking, to say the least. We have high expectations, so put together wins back to back like that and then come out and not do what we were coached to do or not do [what we were] expected to do, it's shocking.

Hundley had a bad game, but his career numbers don't lie. He was our most prolific Bruin quarterback in history. He is obviously not a finished product - there aren't many Andrew Lucks in the world - but anyone who thinks U.C.L.A. wins those 9 games in each of the last three years with another quarterback is crazy.

Eric Kendricks

We gotta finish games like these. You know, the big ones. Make them count.

Another all-time great, Kendricks finished a fantastic regular season career yesterday, becoming the all-time leading tacker for U.C.L.A. We are really going to miss him next season.

Owamagbe Odighizuwa

You can say that [UCLA squandered the season]. We had high expectations and we didn't meet it. So in that sense we definitely didn't reach what we set out to get. I don't think the season was squandered. I think in a lot of ways we played together…we really built a sense of fighting to the very end which as a program you want to see. I'm just excited for our guys going forward. I think their best football is yet to come.

Jake Brendel

It [pass blocking struggles] was a little bit execution on our part. But also, it was certainly a good scheme - job - by them. We got ourselves in passing obvious situations and you can't do that with our offense.

Thanks again to Jack Wang for sharing the interviews.

These guys have one more game to go. Let's hope they get up for that one and play the way we know they can.