Grantland mocks UCLA's "LA Steel" gray unis


Slate Gray: UCLA and Louisville were the latest in a long line of teams to be rendered unrecognizable by horrendous slate-gray uniforms courtesy of Adidas. Why UCLA in particular would ever pass up an opportunity to wear its classic gold-and-blue motif in the Rose Bowl, I have no idea. (I refuse to believe recruits really give a damn one way or the other; the best recruits flock to the schools — Alabama, LSU, Texas, USC, etc. — that have worn the exact same thing without fail for the past 50 years.) I’ve made my peace with the alternate-uniform thing in general, but there’s a reason that no college, anywhere, ever, has adopted slate gray as one of its actual colors. Draw a line. End the madness.

Matt Hinton (Grantland)

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