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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - UCLA Men's Soccer Falls in NCAA Title Game; Football Recruits Visits; and Finals Week Begins

Our thoughts are with Ryan Hollins and his family during this difficult time.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Soccer is so cruel.

Congratulations on the men's team for the season they had, even with all their ups and downs.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, we hosted football recruits:

4 Star WR LJ Reed:

DeAndre McNeal:

Malik Jefferson's mother ran into Kerry Washington!

Malik Jefferson, by the way, won the High School Butkus Award:

And met up with his college counterpart:

And they took in a basketball game:

So did Jimmy Connors:

It's finals week.

It still frustrates a lot of people here:

It does not take much to keep Kyle Anderson happy on a road trip:

Congratulations to Marcus Mariota on winning the Heisman:

And his point gets proven in two seconds

Our thoughts are with Ryan Hollins, who lost his father over the weekend:

Go Bruins.