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CONFIRMED: Jim Harbaugh Will Leave San Francisco 49ers for University of Michigan Head Football Coach Position

Will UCLA lose their head coach to the 49ers? Is Harbaugh the dumper or the dumpee who received a graceful in the eyes of York and Baalke exit?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan has their $49 million dollar man:

In case you are wondering who the heck Dave Feldman is, he is an anchor on Comcast Sports Net in the Bay Area, anchoring their nightly sports recap show (a very localized sportscenter, if you will.)  He is also a longtime friend of Jim Harbaugh, having attended Palo Alto High School together, and this is the first "confirmation" from the Harbaugh side of things.

If you're looking for a UCLA angle, obviously the first is that UCLA and Michigan scheduled a series of home and homes in 2022 and 2023.  That is a really long time from now, and given Harbaugh's track record of staying with his current employer, he will probably be preparing to make his exit from his employer after Michigan.

Of course, this is the prodigal son returning to Michigan (and Michigan wanted him back badly), so maybe he'll last a little longer, as he'll have a new adversary to play with named Urban Meyer.

The second angle is obviously our current football coach will probably thrown into the name game for the opening with the 49ers.  It's already been brought up.  Unfortunately for Mora, this smells like when the 49ers dumped Steve Mariucci, and were thrown into seven years of mediocrity (hell, mediocrity is putting it politely) until Harbaugh showed up, so if he is smart, he won't take this chance, but you have to think he has to be salivating at the chance to return to the NFL after a "successful" (to some people) run at UCLA.

Even if Mora isn't serious about taking the job, he needs to squash the rumor quickly, because that will kill UCLA in the recruiting game, although we're already being dominated by other schools - we'll see how this class finishes and if any coffee will be served in February.

We'll keep you up to date on any possible flights from Texas to San Francisco, kind of like this gif from EDSBS (not embedding as it is seizure inducing.)  We expect the Coach speak to be strong with Mora this week, as the Bruins still have a Bowl Game to play.

Go Bruins.