Steve Alford Raves About His Son's "D"; Feels Good About Getting Embarrassed by Real Teams

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Alford was asked about how Bryce Alford has performed against "tougher competition" especially on defense. His answer was - the video starts around 3:50 mark:

Alford said this son's defensive effort in the Battle4Atlantis:

"I thought he was terrific. Defensively he was fine."

Thank you BruinSportsReport for the video.

Alford also feels "really good" about his team getting it's ass kicked exposed by Oklahoma and North Carolina. He thinks his team showed a lot of "character" even though they quit against the Tar Heels.

So Alford – feeling pretty pretty good - when he gets to ride on a 10 year contract and no accountability from a loser AD.

How are you feeling?

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