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Pac 12 Basketball Regular Season Predictions

The most depressing PAC 12 prediction post in years.

PAC 12 Media Day UCLA was picked Fourth.  Was that pick too high.
PAC 12 Media Day UCLA was picked Fourth. Was that pick too high.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I have been writing this PAC 12 basketball prediction post of the final PAC 12 basketball regular season standings with the picks of the contributors of Bruinsnation for years.  This year marks an important first.

Usually a prediction post of a blog favors the blog's school.  In this case, generally UCLA is overrated.  Not this year.  Such is the disgust with recent games and the state of the program led by Steve Alford that three voters actually picked UCLA last.  I am not sure if this is a reflection of their true beliefs or just their utter disgust with the program recently.

The highest pick for UCLA was fifth.  I was one of those and I made my pick before the Alabma game and kept it because it is where I thought we would finish before the season.  I must admit right now I am having doubts.

It is worth keeping in mind in the media poll before the season UCLA was picked fourth.  UCLA also received a first place vote in that media poll.

Without further ado.

1.  Arizona

The Wildcats were one vote away from being a unanimous pick for first place.

2.  Utah

Utah received the other first place vote.  Utah is one team that is arguably playing up to its preseason hype.

3.  Washington

Is Washington for real?  Until December 28, they were hot, undefeated and the surprise team in the PAC 12.  Then they lost to Stony Brook Seawolves.

4.  Colorado

This is more in line with preseason expectations but Colorado has grossly underachieved so far this year.  Chrissorr picked them seventh and it seems like that may be more likely than the Buffalos making the tournament.

5. (Tied).  UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley's Tyrone Wallace has to be considered in discussions of PAC 12 player of the year.

5. (Tied) Stanford

Stanford was a trendy pick preseason and has a nice win over Texas.  Are they going to be able to deliver in the PAC 12?

7.  Oregon

How high can a team that does not even bother to play defense go?

8.  UCLA

What, if anything, will AD Dan Guerrero do when UCLA fails to make the NCAA tournament?  How bad is bad enough for Dan to make a statement?

9.  Oregon State

It is kind of funny that Gary Payton II leads the Beavers in most categories except assists.

10.  Arizona State

The Sun Devils lost by less than the Bruins against the Crimson Tide.

11.  The Trogans

Coach Enfield remains the second most deceptive but much less successful recruiter in the conference with his claims of offense first.  USC ranks 177 in points per game.

12.  Washington State

New coach Ernie Kent still can't coach and it is only a matter of time until he is back working for the PAC 12 Network.

Please leave your predictions for:

1.  How many PAC 12 teams make the tournament?

2.  Where UCLA will finish

in the comments below.

Go Bruins!