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POY Kyle Anderson Leads UCLA to Victory over Colorado

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The 92-74 Win is propelled by Kyle Anderson with help from Bryce Alford the 2 guard and Travis Wear.

Kyle has more double-doubles than In-n-Out
Kyle has more double-doubles than In-n-Out
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle and Travis Wear had good first half for the Bruins.  Kyle is expected, of course, but a hot Travis was completely ignored.  Steve Alford even went to Wannah Bail when David Wear and Tony Parker got two fouls over the hot Travis.  Meanwhile Jordan Adams and Zach LaVine continued their slumps.  Worst of all LaVine is becoming a turnover machine.  Of course, Powell made a difference on defense and Colorado made its run when he was out and Booker of Colorado went off.  Colorado led at half 40-36.

A note on the referees.  They were fair . . . and terrible.  Colorado got every call and every flop in the first half.  In second half , UCLA got the same calls.

In the second half, Travis remained hot.  He was even on fire on D blocking shots everywhere and kept scoring on literally a perfect night.  Then Bryce started hitting threes for an easy to explain reason.  He played like a two and took set open threes.  He looked good doing it.  Too bad he also tries to play point where he does not look good.  UCLA pushed the lead to 9 and then  Kyle sat.  UCLA only lost 4 points for the time he was out but UCLA did lose momentum and looked ugly at times.

While Travis and Bryce had good games at the end of game it was Kyle with 22 points, 7 rebounds, and 11 assists.  He lead UCLA in all those categories in the 92-74 victory.

Kyle for Player of the Year.  Go Bruins.