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Game Thread for UCLA Basketball at Oregon State

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The Bruins visit Gill Coliseum in Corvallis to take on the 8th place Beavers on Super Bowl Sunday

Scott Halleran

Okay, it is Super Bowl Sunday, but for some reason there is a UCLA basketball game today. I thought Super Bowl Sunday had become a national holiday, but I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, today our basketball team will take on the Oregon State Beavers coached by, yes, the President's step brother. I am putting the over/under at 2.5 for how many times this is mentioned. As for the game, DC has his usual excellent write-up here and we have some more morning notes here. Oregon State is 3-1 at home in Pac-12 play and have been playing well. However, UCLA should beat them soundly if we play our best players at the right times and players who can score and defend on the road. I am looking forward to Kyle Anderson leading the team and for Jordan Adams to continue great play now that it seems he has emerged from his slump. He and Norman Powell have been playing stellar defense and are looking great. As for Kyle (to quote DC):

Kyle has more defense rebounds in the PAC 12 than Tony, David and Travis combined. (Which is why I say good not great play from the Center spot.) He is the PAC 12 MVP. Arizona could lose one of its guys and still be really good, UCLA without Kyle would be a nightmare.

Then game will be aired at 11:30 am pacific time on ESPNU and can be heard on AM 570 in L.A. It can also be heard and seen here. While there is a separate thread for the Super Bowl (go Broncos), feel free to make comments here as well as you watch the game and get ready for some football.

Have a great Sunday and Go Bruins!