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We are going to hear all kinds of them in next 2-4 miserable years of UCLA basketball unless mercifully our incompetent athletic director is fired and new guy finally brings in a competent coach.

Anyway -- we are going to have lots of losses in next years. They are going to be all kinds. There will be close losses (true moral victories), ugly and disgraceful losses. But what we can guarantee is that segment of our fanbase will keep coming up with excuses. What kinds of excuses? Well here is a BLAST from the PAST on FireKarlDorrell blog -- about 10 years:

1. It's the prior coach's fault. After the Wyoming loss, I heard one fan say that this was "the last of the Toledo regime." Toledo, who hasn't coached a game for UCLA in over two years?

2. It's the players' fault.
After all, Dorrell can't throw and catch and run for these guys, can he? Of course, neither could Holmoe, Gilbertson... you get the idea. Football is what happens on the field.

3. It's the assistants' fault. This one doesn't quite work here, though, since Dorrell just professed tremendous satisfaction with his assistants and their performance not one week ago.

4. It's the fans' fault. Here we have the classic mixing up of cause and effect - claiming the team performs poorly because the fans are negative, when in fact the fans are only negative because the team performs poorly.

5. It's the administration's fault. How can we beat Wyoming when we don't have an on-campus stadium, or when we won't allow the coach to bring in any more Billy Don Jackson's, or when there are so many distractions in a big city like Los Angeles (like, I don't know, the national championship winning university across town?).

6. It's the underbelly's fault.
I don't even know what this is, but it sure sounds good. Someone needs to tell me, after two full seasons as coach, when two players are sent home days before the loss to Wyoming for coming to a team meeting drunk, is that an example of the coach cleaning up the underbelly? Or, rather, demonstrating that he is incapable of cleaning it up (whatever it is)?

7. Things will get better soon. When all else fails, point to the future. Apologists love to point to intangible and unmeasurable things and just hope that things will miraculously change. Hence, we hear about how some strength and conditioning coach will work wonders with the players', well, strength and conditioning, or that the team is "young" (as opposed to all those college teams with a bunch of old men all over the field), or that the new recruiting class is filled with breakout stars (even though the quality of Dorrell's recruits, by any objective measurement, is below Toledo's) or players with better attitudes (conveniently, a completely unverifiable claim).

Well -- 1 and 2 are popping up in other places. Alfies are going all out -- throwing the Wears under the bus and pointing the fingers at Adams and LaVine. And, we are hearing lots of no. 7s -- because you know next year is going to magical with Balford running the show.

Get used to this. It's only going to get more hellish from hereon out. Oh we are going to win our share of games because Pac-12 is such garbage. But those victories are going to be meaningless and the Bruins are going to stuck in neutral in the gutter -- tied to a coach with a $18 million K. Heckuva job Chianti (you can donate to Fire Dan Guerrero Billboard here).


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