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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - NFL Combine, UCLA Football Offseason Adventures, and the Olympics

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The struggle of being a NCAA Student-Athlete.


The NFL Combine is wrapping up today, and five UCLA players participated:

I was hoping to have more Combine related tweets (other than "on my way to the combine!), but the other participants have been quiet. Nothing from Anthony Barr, Cassius Marsh, Jordan Zumwalt, or Shaq Evans. To lift a Chris Kluwe hashtag, #sofocused but without the sarcasm behind it.

Wait, here's one:

The women will be faster, too.

Meanwhile, in football's offseason:

And adventures:

Everyone was into USA/Canada hockey.

Oh, that's why.

The struggle is real:

Thanks, Datone:

Double double machine Kevin Love welcomed Russell Westbrook back to the NBA after his latest injury:

Hey, East Coast Bruins, how's the weather?

Go Bruins.