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Bruin Bites Oregon Edition

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Power Rangers, Israeli All Stars and a shot of going 17-1 at home.

Kyle Anderson is in the NBC list for top 10 candidates for Player of the Year.
Kyle Anderson is in the NBC list for top 10 candidates for Player of the Year.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Walton will be doing the game versus Oregon tonight at 8 pm on ESPN 2.

Hopefully Kyle Anderson will get some nice PAC 12 player of the year talk from Bill who was earlier a big fan of Nick Johnson.  Unlike Johnson, Kyle is making player of the year NATIONWIDE lists, like this one from NBC.

Chris Foster has a story on the UCLA bench platoon of Tony Parker, Zach LaVine, and Bryce Alford.  I don't think the story is particular noteworthy except for this:

"I heard someone refer to us as the 'Power Rangers,' " Bryce Alford says. "I like that."

I admit to being old, but is this really cool?

The Orange County Register has a story on Tony Parker talking about his high school days and the fact he weighed over 300 in junior high.  More importantly he seems happy at UCLA now and his role.

The ultimate underachiever finally made Sports Center but not the way he dreamed it.  Tyler Honeycutt's dunk in an Israeli All Star game made the Sports Center Top 10.

The anti-Tyler, Jordan Adams (athletically limited but hard working) almost has the single season UCLA steal record and has a shot at it tonight.

UCLA kept its two game lead for second place with UC Berkeley losing to Arizona last night but lost virtually any chance of catching Arizona who they are also behind by two games.

UCLA is 15-1 this season at home and can close out a good home record this season with two more wins.

UCLA should win tonight because we are favorite and according to this ESPN article (much behind a firewall) Steve Alford is a great coach to bet on.

Go Bruins.